H&M sales: tricks to buy cheap clothes

H&M is a Swedish fashion company known for offering fashionable clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The company carries a wide variety of products for men, women, children, and babies, as well as homewear and beauty products. 

When it comes to sales, H&M often has special sales periods during which it offers discounts on a wide selection of products. H&M's sales periods usually occur several times a year and include discounts on selected products from all departments. The sales usually also include products from previous seasons. 

Tricks to get cheap clothes in the H&M sales


Normally there are two sales periods in the year. One is at the beginning of the year that coincides with the winter sales and another in July, being the summer sales. This is a way of reducing the stock of the previous season and making room for the new collection since, in general, the new seasonal campaigns begin 3 weeks or a month after the sales start. 

To get cheap clothes you can do the following: 

  • The first and most important thing is to be a member of H&M. To do this you can register on the web, in the application or in physical stores. Normally, for the first days of sales, H&M offers a coupon for its members for an additional 10% discount on your total purchase of discounted items, or 10%-15% on a discounted item. You can use it both in the physical store and in the H&M sales online. 
  • You can also wait two weeks after the sales have started, because every two weeks there is a price reduction of the clothes that are already on sale. In addition, new products are included, either from the previous season or from new products that are arriving, all depending on the stock. 
  • Before starting the sales, you could take several bags of clothes that no longer fit you or are not in good condition to recycle, to one of the physical stores of H&M. For each bag you will get a coupon of €5 in minimum purchases of €30, which you can accumulate on the ticket. For example, if you buy €60 of discounted clothing, you will get a discount of €10. 
  • If you have voucher vouchers (which are €4 vouchers for every 150 points you earn for making your purchases), you can also use them as a discount on your purchases, since it can be combined with sales. 
  • If your birthday coincides with the sales, H&M will give you a 25% coupon that you can add to the sales and use both online and in the physical store. 
  • The day before the sales, you could check what you really need in your closet, and review the entire H&M website to bookmark those garments that you think meet your goals, since the next day, you will know if those the ones you were interested in are discounted and if it fits your budget. Above all, this should be done for the H&M sales of plus sizes since they are sold a lot. In addition, you will be able to see the availability in the physical store through the application of everything you are looking for, in case in the end you are going to buy in person, although you should know that everything that is discounted on the web does not always coincide with what you It is discounted in the physical store, as well as the prices. You can find more discounted products in the physical store and vice versa. 
  • In summer, winter clothes such as jackets, long pants, etc. will have a greater discount than if they were winter sales, since it is always advisable to buy the opposite. 
  • Don't forget to visit the H&M Home department, where you can find heavily discounted towels or candles to decorate your home. 

Apart from sales, there are other times of the year when H&M offers specific discounts such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Member Days, which are days with selected items at discounts (usually prior to sales and at other times of the year) or also offer discounts for quantity purchased (for example, 20% discount for purchases over €30). In addition, several times a year the Kids department offers discounts. They are ideal since children grow very quickly.