How do H&M gift cards work?

Many times when you want to give something to a family member or friend, you don't know what to buy or how to get it right. You look at all the alternatives out there but you don't know what that person might really like. Or if you leave shopping for the last minute and the pressure gets to you. In these cases, one of the best options is to give him a gift card from the store that he likes the most. 

We are going to talk in this article about how H&M gift cards work, their conditions and terms. Gift cards can be used to make purchases in their stores or on their website, and you can buy them both in a physical store and online. You have to use them in the country where you bought them. 

If you decide to buy them on the web, you have two types of H&M cards: the digital gift card, which you can choose the design you want from those available, top up the money you want to give and it is received in a matter of minutes at the email address you have provided; and the physical gift card, which you can buy both online and in stores, but if you buy it on the web it may take about two weeks for it to arrive at your home depending on the date of the year we meet. 

H&M has another type of card that is the return card. It is generated from having returned a garment or accessory that has been purchased with a gift voucher, and when the amount cannot be returned, the total is charged on a return card. Its use is very similar to that of the gift card.

How H&M gift cards work: general conditions


Both H&M gift cards and return cards can be used in physical H&M stores and on the company's website, within the country where you purchased them. With them you can: 

  • Pay the total of the item you want, which could leave the balance at zero or continue to have a balance for another purchase. 
  • Pay a part, and the rest pay it in another form of payment (cash if it is a physical store, or bank card, Paypal or Klarna if it is online). 

To check the balance of your gift card or return card, you can check it online on the H&M website, by contacting customer service or in a store. 

To buy a gift card, you can pay for it both in a physical store and online with a bank card, but with the difference that you can also pay in cash in stores. 

It can be loaded with a maximum amount of €300 and a minimum value of €15. You can recharge the balance in any physical store. They are valid for 7 years and return cards for 2 years from the date of the last activation or purchase. If the cards expire, the unused amounts also expire. 

If your gift card has a zero balance for a period of three months, it will be deactivated and cannot be used again. However, if the balance of the return card is zero, it will be directly deactivated. 

If you have paid for your purchase with two different payment methods, for example a gift card and a bank card, you will first receive payment in the second way you paid. If the value that is returned exceeds the amount paid with the second form of payment, the difference will be paid to another gift card, either digital in the case of online purchases or to a physical card in the case of purchases in a physical store . If items purchased online in a store are returned, the refund will be made using the same method as long as it is processed within the 30-day return period. 

In addition, you have 30 days, counted from the purchase of the gift card on the website, to return it if you change your mind. You will receive the full amount. To do this you will have to contact Customer Service. 

H&M is not responsible for customers losing, stealing, inactivating or damaging any gift card or return card. If you have any additional questions, I recommend that you contact H&M customer service for more information.