How H&M Member works and how to get discounts on your purchases

It is always good to get a discount on our purchases, especially when we buy fashion and more with the price increases that exist. Let's talk about how to get a discount at H&M and how H&M Member works.



H&M Member is a way for people who join (hereinafter members) to enjoy special prices, exclusive discounts, gifts, invitations to events and even early access to certain discounts. The subscription is completely free and with digital support, through the H&M app or the web. As a thank you for registering, you will receive an H&M discount code of 10% off your first purchase. To become a member you must be over 18 years of age. 


How to accumulate points



This program allows you to accumulate points with all purchases, both those made in a physical store and in an online store. In order for them to accumulate, you have to show your member ID at the checkout point from the web or the app, or say your ID that will be linked to your member ID. You can use alternate member IDs by going to My Account, then settings, and under alternate member IDs. Put your ID or phone number. 

For each euro spent is a point. Another way to get them is by completing your profile (20 points), recycling your clothes (20 points per bag, plus €5 to use on your next purchase of at least €30), evaluating the products you buy on the website (1 point ) and inviting the friends you want to become a member (50 points, as long as they make their first purchase through the link in your invitation). From when you do any of this to when the points appear on your profile, it can take 24 hours. 

As an exception, gift cards and the purchase of charitable items do not earn points. 

The points are valid for 12 months from the subscription registration date. At the end of the subscription year, the points will be reset to zero and a new subscription will begin.


Discounts and advantages that you can get at H&M Member



If you accumulate 300 points or more, you will be a Member Plus with which you will obtain greater advantages. The following benefits are common for Member Standard with Member Plus: 

  • 10% discount on the first purchase. 
  • Accumulate for each euro spent, one point. 
  • €4 discount for every 150 points earned (bonus voucher). 
  • Offers and discounts. 
  • Free standard delivery on purchases over €20. 
  • Click & Collect for free on purchases over €20. 
  • Free returns. 
  • 25% discount coupon on an item for your birthday (lasts fifteen days). 
  • Special prices for members. 
  • Additional discounts and early access to promotions. 
  • Buy online and pay in 3 interest-free installments with Klarna. 
  • Special events and collaborations. 
  • Benefits with collaborations. 
  • Exclusive contests. 
  • Digital receipts. 


For Plus members only: 

  • Free standard delivery with no minimum purchase. 
  • Exclusive offers and discounts. 
  • Early access to special collections, events and promotions. 
  • Unique experiences.

To find out at all times what discounts you have in force, you can check your member profile in the app or on the H&M website. Once discounts have been used, discounts H&M cannot be returned or reused and if you return an item, the points you earned on that item will be deducted from your account. 

Bonus vouchers (€4) will not be reissued in case of return or exchange. The amount of the bonus will be applied equally to each item in the purchase based on its price, so if you return one or more items, the amount paid for each item will be refunded. Changes can only be made in the store, where you can choose an item of the same amount as the one returned. 

Also, bonus vouchers can be used for both online and in-store purchases. If it is used in a store, you have 15 minutes from when you click "Use in store" or else it will be deactivated. These coupons take 30 days to appear on the profile and have an expiration of 6 months. 

Tickets take 45 minutes to appear from the purchase in store and online in our member profile. 

What happens if you have registered and you are not interested? Well, you can cancel your subscription by accessing “Account settings”.