How the H&M size guide works and get the clothes you buy right

The H&M Size Guide is a tool that allows customers to find the right size of clothing when shopping online or in H&M stores. The size guide is available on the H&M website and in stores, and is presented in the form of a table that includes different sizes and measurements for men, women, children and babies.


To use the H&M size guide, customers must select the clothing category they are interested in, such as men, women, children, or babies. Then, they must choose the type of garment they want to buy, such as shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters, etc. Once the type of garment is selected, a table is presented with the different sizes available and their corresponding measurements. 

They must be measured according to the indications in the table, taking into account your bust, waist and hip measurements, and compare them with the measurements corresponding to each size. This way, customers can find the right size for their body and ensure they buy clothes that fit well and feel comfortable. 

H&M clothing sizing is based on standard size and fit measurements. In general, the sizing is characterized by being modern, current, comfortable and practical. The company offers a wide range of sizes and fits to meet the needs of its customers, from petite to the plus-size H&M department. In addition, it also offers special size garments, such as extra long sizes for men and sizes for pregnant women. 

The company uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies to create garments that feel soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition, H&M offers different fashion styles and designs to meet the needs of its customers, from casual wear to formal wear.

What to consider when choosing a size at H&M


There are certain points that must be kept in mind when we go to buy an H&M garment, especially online, since you can try it on in the store, but in any case, these tricks will also work for you. 

Within the women's, men's and children's departments there is one called LOGG which has a larger size than the rest, so it could be that you have to choose a smaller size if you like to wear the garment in your size. 

The rest of the departments carve in a standard way, although larger than other companies. 

A trick when we go to buy clothes online is to look at the following: the comments of other clients and how they generally value the size (if large or small); Also, if the description of the garment says Oversize, we will know that the garment in question is a size above what it really corresponds to; In addition, in the details of each garment it appears to you what department it is from, in addition to what size the model or model wears, so it can be a reference to choose the size; The composition of the fabric is very important, it is not the same to choose a 100% cotton pants than one that has 5% elastane, which would give you a larger range of sizes. 

Apart from taking into account the width of the garment, it is important, especially in pants, to take into account our height and leg length to choose one length or another of pants. In the department where there are options to choose the length of pants, it is Denim. The length of men's pants at H&M goes from length 32 to 38, and for women from 30 to 36. 

On the other hand, H&M's large size jeans, from 48 to 56, have a very large size. It is recommended, depending on the composition of the fabric, to buy one size less.