How the recycling of clothes works at H&M and how to get discounts to buy

The recycling of fabrics is a practice that is becoming increasingly important in the world, due to the growing concern for the environment and the need to reduce the pollution generated by the textile industry. 

The production of clothing and other textile products is one of the most polluting industrial sectors on the planet, as it uses a large amount of natural resources and energy, and emits a large amount of greenhouse gases. In addition, in many cases toxic chemicals are used to treat the fabrics, which can damage the soil and water. 

Clothing recycling is a way to reduce the amount of waste generated in the production of clothing and other textile products, and to prevent this waste from ending up in landfills or the environment. By recycling fabrics, new products can be obtained, such as towels, gloves, cleaning cloths, pillows and others.




In the case of H&M, it has adopted a sustainable approach in its production and operations. One of the main initiatives of H&M clothing recycling is its "Conscious Actions" program. This program offers customers the option of taking their used clothing to any of the H&M stores and receiving a discount on their next purchase. The collected clothing is taken to specialized recycling centers, where it is sorted and transformed into new products. 

H&M has worked closely with different organizations and companies to develop and improve their recycling processes. An example of this is his collaboration with the Swedish company Renewcell, which is dedicated to the production of recycled fabrics from used clothing. The company uses a patented process called "Infinite Polyester Fiber", which allows used clothing to be recycled and transformed into high-quality materials that can be used in the production of new clothing. 

H&M has also developed a line of products called the "Conscious Collection", which is made from sustainable and recycled materials. This line includes clothing, accessories and other products made from recycled fabrics, such as recycled cotton and polyester. The company has worked closely with different organizations and companies to develop high-quality recycled materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 


How the discount coupon works for taking clothes to recycle at H&M



To get discount coupons to use on your purchases, you have to take the clothes to recycle at H&M that you no longer want in medium-sized bags, of any brand and in any condition. Bags, shoes or accessories are not valid. fabrics only. 

Then, deliver the bag with the used garments at the checkout point. If you are registered as an H&M member, you will receive a digital coupon that will appear in your member profile in the app or on the web. You can use it on your next purchase. The equivalency is one coupon for each bag. To do this, the H&M staff will show you a QR code that you will have to scan with the H&M application's search engine and scanner option. You have to do it as many times as bags you have brought. 

The coupon is €5 to use on your next purchase with a minimum of €30. Several coupons can be accumulated on the same ticket if the purchase is made in a physical store. For example, if you make a purchase of €60, you can use two coupons, which would give you a discount of €10. Only one coupon can be used for purchases you make in an online store. They expire in 6 months and will appear in the My Coupons section of your member profile. 

It can be used both for purchases in a physical store and online and can be combined with discounted or discounted items. If you are going to use it in a physical store, you have 15 minutes from when you activate it to use it, so the best option is to generate it at the checkout point. 

They cannot be used on gift card purchases or designer collections. Once the coupon has been used, in case of return of the items, its amount will not be reactivated by another coupon.