How to get discount coupons at H&M. Save money on your purchases.

We love buying clothes and if it is with discounts, better. In the case of H&M, in general, there are several ways to get discounts on your purchases. One of them is being a member of H&M. By subscribing, you will receive information about exclusive offers and discount codes that you can use on your next purchase in the online store or in a physical store. 

Another way to get discounts at H&M is by following the company on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She often posts exclusive deals, H&M discount codes on her social media accounts, so it's a good idea to follow them to stay on top of the latest deals. 

It also often offers discounts on special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other shopping events. During these events, there may be additional discounts in your online store and in your physical stores, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these offers. 

How to get discounts at H&M on your purchases


In this section we are going to talk about specific cases so that you can save money on your purchases: 

  • If you register for the first time in your H&M Member loyalty program, you will get a 10% discount on the total of your first purchase. 
  • If you continue making purchases, and accumulate 150 points (€1 equals 1 point), they will give you a €4 bonus voucher to spend on your next purchase of whatever you want. The minimum purchase to use it is €5. This discount is cumulative between various voucher vouchers, sales, promotions and ICO coupons. Bonus vouchers (€4) will not be reissued in case of return or exchange. The amount of the bonus will be applied equally to each item in the purchase based on its price, so if you return one or more items, the amount paid for each item will be refunded. Changes can only be made in the store, where you can choose an item of the same amount as the one returned. 
  • If you are a friend or family member of an employee, you can get a 20% digital H&M discount coupon to use in a set period on a maximum purchase of €200. 
  • There are also special periods of sales and discounts. The sales are twice a year: in January/February (winter sales) and in July/August (summer sales). In the meantime, we will have Member Days, which usually take place from time to time, or before the sales, and consist of selected garments with discounts for being a member of H&M or for making purchases of more than €30 or €35, you will get a discount (it may be in a physical store or online). In addition, there is Black Friday (physical store or online) or Cyber Monday (online only). Sometimes, discount campaigns are carried out in the Kids department. They are usually codes or discounts directly. 
  • Many times, being an H&M member, if you put a garment on the bag, for example a pair of pants, and you don't buy it, they usually give you a 10%, 15% or 20% discount coupon for that specific garment, although not sometimes works. 
  • For your birthday, you will get a 25% discount on the garment you want. You can use it online or in a physical store. You will have 15 days to use it. 
  • From time to time, and depending on the points you have as an H&M member, they will give you a discount for a purchase. 
  • If you bring clothes to recycle in bags (bags, shoes or accessories are not valid, only fabrics) they give you a digital ICO coupon of €5 for minimum purchases of €30, which will be incorporated into your member profile. To do this, you have to be a member of H&M. The equivalence is 1 coupon per bag, and you can accumulate several coupons in your purchase. For example, if you make a purchase of €60 you will have the right to use two coupons with which you will have a discount of €10. They are cumulative with sales, promotions and voucher bonuses. It expires in 6 months. 
  • If you are a large family, presenting the card at the cash point, they will give you a 10% discount on children's clothing only.