How to make returns at H&M and get your money back

We love buying clothes, but many times we go to the store and directly go to the checkout without trying them on or due to lack of time we do it online. But, what rights and obligations do we have to make a return in the event that we do not like how it fits us, it is not our size or we simply do not want a garment? Let's talk about the case of the H&M company.



How do returns work at H&M

You have 30 days for returns at H&M both in the physical store and online, although there are specific dates, such as Christmas, when the periods are extended in order to make it easier for customers to return gift items. From when does the 30 days start counting? If it is purchased in a physical store from the day you make the purchase (the last day appears on the ticket) and if it is purchased in an online store from the time you receive the order at home, but if you receive it in several deliveries, the 30 days will begin counting from the day you receive the last delivery. This is the case when several items are purchased but they are released depending on the existing stock.
The return period at H&M for items from special collections and designers is also 30 days, whether the purchase was made in store or online. 
The articles must keep all the labels, be in perfect condition, and without having been used. 
In a physical store, for the return, the ticket is essential within the date, since without it it will not be possible to make it. For online purchases, the packages contain a return form in which you have to fill in using the code that best explains the reason for sending the item or items inside the package in which you received the order. If it does not include it, contact customer service.

However, even if you buy online, you can also return the order in a physical store with the delivery note or electronic receipt with the QR code and always within the established period. 
Some of the online items cannot be returned in a physical store, such as the Beauty concept items, H&M Home furniture and lighting, underwear (with the exception of bras) and earrings. As for bathroom items, they can be returned as long as they keep the protective adhesive. Of course, if you receive a damaged item, you can return it to the store, but not those that are sent to you by mistake. Face masks cannot be returned for safety and hygiene reasons. 
However, if you can return these items that are excluded in a physical store but online. Cosmetic products may be returned as long as they have not been opened and keep their original packaging intact. 
The return will be made in the same payment method used in the online purchase. If you ever have a problem in a physical store accessing the online order, you will have to do it through other options, such as: 
  • At the collection point: inside the package you must include the item or items you want to return, together with the H&M return form with the code that best explains the situation. Orders always include a self-adhesive label with the address so that you can stick it outside and get it to the head office. You deliver it to the collection point. 
  •  At the customer's home: prepare the package as in the previous point and contact customer service to request the collection at your home. The collection period is up to 5 working days. 

In these cases, the return will be made in the same payment method used in the online purchase. When it arrives at the warehouse, they will send you a confirmation email, and you will have to wait 14 days to receive the refund. Shipping costs are also refunded if you return everything. 

It is free to make returns or size changes in physical stores, as well as those made at the pack point or home collection, except for purchases made through a guest account (€1.95). Even in a physical store, shipping costs will also be refunded if you make the full return. 


How to return Klarna purchases to H&M


Klarna is a global provider of payment solutions that works with retailers to give customers the most seamless online shopping experience. It has teamed up with H&M to offer a simple service that allows you to pay in 3 interest-free installments. 

If you want to return an item that you have purchased using Klarna, you will need to pause the payment via the 'Return Report' option found in your account, H&M x Klarna payments. If you have received the package in several deliveries, you will have to return the entire order in a single package. In the event that you have already paid for the returned items, Klarna will refund you to the card used when paying.


How to return purchases paid with a gift card at H&M


When making a return of online items paid in full with a physical gift card, an electronic gift card will be sent to your email with the total amount of the return. If you used two payment methods, the refund will be made to the credit or debit card first, and then the part you paid with the gift card. 

You can use both physical and electronic gift cards both in store and on the website. 

If you return garments purchased in a physical H&M store and have been paid for with a gift card, the refund will be made on a return card. If you used several methods, what has been paid with a gift card will prevail and will be transferred to a return card and the rest, in the method with which it was used. 


How to return H&M Home items



All H&M Home items that you have purchased both in a physical store and in an online store, can be returned at any physical store, with the exception of furniture and lighting that must be done online. It must be in its original packaging. If the package you want to return is larger than 700x500x600 mm you will have to request a collection at your home. If any parts are missing, please return the item for free using "defective" as the return reason.