Opinions on H&M: other things to consider

This article is the continuation of another section in which important aspects of the H&M departments are discussed. In this I'm going to talk about my views of H&M on other issues. 

Shipping and what needs to be improved


On its website it says that on average between 2 to 5 working days it takes to receive an order. 60% could be like this, but the rest takes about a week, and compared to other competing companies, it is not in favor. In addition, many times when several items are ordered instead of coming all in one order because they do not have stock or because the products are in several warehouses, they come in several deliveries. Maybe it's a way to speed up the process but the customer is confused. In this aspect, I think there is a lot to improve. 

However, in terms of prices and shipping conditions, I think it has a lot in favor that being a standard member the minimum purchase for free shipping is €20 and being a Plus member, all orders have zero shipping cost. In most competing companies, the minimums are much higher, you have to make orders of €30 or €35 for free shipping. Perhaps if you have to make a large purchase or there are sales there is no problem because you reach that minimum right away, but there are times when you need to buy something and it doesn't pay off. 

Another aspect that should be improved is the presentation of the shipments of the items we buy. There are higher quality products than if they are presented in individual boxes, such as leather boots, etc., but there are others that are of standard quality that go in individual bags and sometimes they are fabrics that cannot be so folded because it is difficult to remove the wrinkle. later, so it would be ideal if all the products were presented in recycled cardboard boxes adapted to the volume of garments purchased. It would also give it a better presentation. It is true that now the shipments are in paper bags but I think that is not enough. 

The general assessment of H&M shipments on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 7. 


H&M website


The H&M website is safe and generally has not caused any problems, especially with regard to the security of payments for online purchases. It also has a simple, intuitive and easy to navigate interface. You can perfectly find a garment, thanks to the sections and search filters. 

One point in its favor is that we can find out about each garment the suppliers that have manufactured it as well as its origin. On the other hand, we find the opinions of customers about the garments they have purchased. It is very indicative to be able to decide on one size or another, on a color or a style. There is also a scale to assess the size, if the garment in question is a small, normal or large size. These aspects are not available in competing companies. 

It has a search for garments through a manual search of the garment code, or a scanner of the label or by taking a photograph of what you want to search for specifically. All this makes it much easier to find what you like and save time. 

The general evaluation of the H&M website from 1 to 10 is a 9. 


Other aspects to comment


When shopping at H&M you can obtain greater advantages and savings than in other stores, due to the large number of discounts that exist even if we are not in a sales period or in a specific promotion. At most competing companies, for most of the year you don't have the option to save or sign up as a member, and you have to wait for sales or Black Friday to save money. And in the era in which we are, everything counts. 

One thing to improve that the competition does have it and H&M does not, is that if you need a size of a specific garment in a physical store, the employees cannot request it so that they can bring it in the next unload of merchandise. Also, not all the clothes in the collections are found in all stores, and in some H&M it seems that they always have the same thing. Even if you find it online, there are still many people who like to touch the garment and try it on. 

In general, I give H&M a rating of 8 out of 10. There are many things that need to be improved, but many others have been improving and it is valuable.