Opinions on H&M: quality of its garments and other aspects

In this article you will find my opinions of H&M on some aspects of the departments that may be of use to you. In general the assessment is positive but I will go into detail on a few points. Both in the physical stores of H&M and on the web, we can find several departments in which the collections are included. 



It is the women's department in which the following sub-departments are included. Every Day, Logg, Modern Classic, Basic, Sport, Mama, Plus sizes, Lingerie, Accessories, Denim, Ladys Trend and Divided. 

Where you will find a higher quality of fabrics and patterns is in Ladys Trend and in Modern Classic. The fabrics are superior to Every Day's. In these two departments you can find pima quality cotton, softer and more durable, as well as other supreme quality fabrics. The patterns are more classic in most garments, but especially in Ladys Trend you can find many trendy pieces but always with an original touch. The prices are higher, but the quality is worth it. They are garments that due to their timelessness will last several years in the closet. In Modern Classic you can create classic looks for the office or for everyday use with an elegant style. The sizes are usually larger than the competition. 

As for Every Day, it is a more urban line and follows the trend more. But in terms of the quality of the fabrics, you can find everything, from very durable coats to tops or t-shirts that, after two uses or two washes, can lose a lot of quality and even break. It's not normal, but it can happen. The prices are lower than the previous departments. The sizes are also larger than other companies. 

At Logg the collections are more relaxed and rustic. The style is standard and in most clothes there is not much trend. From year to year almost the same patterns are repeated but changing the colors and sometimes not even that. The sizes are larger than the previous departments. It's okay if you don't like the classic style or wear a trend, and dress casually. 

The plus size department is very successful. Quality, classic and trendy garments, but in my opinion there is a lack of more stock, more variety and more key products. On the other hand, I believe that this exclusive department should not exist, but rather include in the aforementioned departments from the smallest to the largest size to unify the product and that all customers have the same opportunity. 

Mama is the department for future mothers. Above all, there are many basic garments from denim, leggings, a pack of t-shirts, bras or panties. But very few products that are out of the ordinary and with little stock. The sizes are large, good elastane qualities, good finishes and a lot of durability. 

Sport is the sportswear department. Good quality fabrics but sometimes very expensive. High, medium and low support sports bras are recommended. 

Lingerie has many types of bras, panties and lingerie in general. Their pajamas are of good quality, and their lingerie is of good cotton. You can also find synthetic materials. The sizing, especially of the lower parts, is very large, and it is advisable to take one or two sizes less depending on the percentage of elastic. Very comfortable are the sets that have been on the market for a few years in seamless fabric, similar to sports bras, both for lower and upper parts. Elastic, they adapt to movement and do not give way. 

Regarding Denim, you have all prices. From €9.99 you can find a jean. There are different qualities, cuts and lengths. They are durable but there are some models that are too expensive. I recommend the shaping or molders, durable and look good. 

Divided is where you find adolescent and youth trends. If you have any favorite singer like Ariadna Grande, Justin Bieber etc or a brand you love, you will have that H&M collaboration with them sooner or later in this department. Above all, T-shirts, crop tops, skirts, baggy pants or oversize sweatshirts prevail. The quality is much lower than Every Day but the prices are also much lower. The goal is for a young audience that has less budget. 




It is the men's department in which all the following sub-departments are included. Man, Logg, Divided, Basic, Lingerie, Denim, Accessories and Sport. 

Man's apartment is like Every Day's in Hennes. In most garments you have quality, trend and size larger than in the competition. From classic garments such as jacket suits, five-pocket trousers, basic shirts or round neck sweaters to purely on-trend garments. Jerseys that last many years or pants with five pockets are highly recommended. Many of these items are the same year after year, and the only thing that may change is the color. 

Logg has a very wide sizing. If you use a medium with a small one it can serve you. The style is casual, relaxed and sporty. It is characterized by mountain-style checked shirts, wide sweatshirts, cargo pants or oversize windbreakers. Aimed at a public from the age of 25. The quality is exceptional which is in keeping with standard Mauritz prices. 

Regarding Divided, it is where you will find more trend. Everything is oversized style with relaxed seams. The quality is very similar to Man and the prices are more expensive than Divided de Hennes. Here you can also find collaborations with singers, groups or brands. 

As for the Denim department, something similar happens like the women's department. There are several models, but prices start at €19.99. You will find from the skinny to the loosest that are in trend now. The standard denim is the slim fit, which is the one that looks good on most men. The durability is quite great and the size is above the average of the competition. 

In accessories we can find some excellent quality items, especially in scarves, which are above the qualities of women's accessories. I advise that if you are a woman and you are looking for a classic scarf, buy it first in the men's department. 




It's the children's department. The sub-departments are formed according to the age of the children. Newborn, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Little Boy, Little Girl, Big Boy, Big Girl, and within them (minus Newborn, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl) have the normal collection and Logg's department in each of them. 

In general, at Kids you will find garments that you can pass from one child to another, because the qualities are extraordinary. Above all, the most profitable for a client who is looking for clothes for their children, are the discounted garments (50% second unit), which normally corresponds to the basics department. The newborn and baby sizes, as well as the rest of the sections, are very large, so you have to take into account taking a size or two less. Big boy and big girl sizes can be worn even by women and men with small sizes.