What are the keys to working at H&M

Working at H&M can be an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in the world of fashion and clothing. H&M is a leading clothing and accessories company, offering a wide range of job opportunities in different areas of the company. For H&M, inclusion is the most important thing to create a welcoming culture. 

To work at H&M, it is necessary to meet some basic requirements. In general, look for proactive, dynamic people with a positive attitude. In addition, it is important to have a good presence and a neat appearance, since it is a fashion company. 

There are different ways to work at H&M, from working in one of its physical stores to working at the company's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Positions available in physical stores include salespersons, department managers, visual merchandising, controller, or store manager. 

If you want to work at H&M headquarters, there may be opportunities in areas like design, marketing, finance, information technology, and more. The company offers a dynamic and collaborative work environment, and often hires people with different levels of experience. 

To apply for a position, you need to visit their website and look for job opportunities in the work with us section at H&M. Once you have found a position of interest, you will need to complete an online application form and attach your resume. 

If the application is successful, H&M may ask you to participate in a telephone or in-person interview. During the interview, the candidate will have the opportunity to talk about their work experience and skills, as well as learn more about the position and the company.


Departments you can work in

  • Accounting and Finance. 
  • Sales and Operations. 
  • Design and development of products. 
  • Business Controlling. 
  • Technologies, data and information. 
  • Direction and Leadership. 
  • Purchases and supply. 
  • Branding, Marketing and Communication. 
  • Sustainability. 
  • Stores. 
  • Customer Service. 
  • Legal, Administration, Security and Compliance. 
  • Logistics. 
  • People, culture, Inclusion and Diversity. 
  • Leasing, Construction, Installation and Design of Stores. 

You will have all the job offers at the bottom of the website at H&M Work with us, so if you are looking for a job at H&M you will have all the opportunities in that section. 

The types of contracts that they carry out to work in a physical store are generally temporary, although depending on the need and the value of the candidate, it can be transformed into indefinite. As for the working day, to be a Sales Advisor (clerk) it is usually partial: 12h, 20h or 24h contracts. There are no new 30h or 40h contracts, unless it is to work as a Department Manager, Store Manager, Controller or Visual Merchandising. 


Types of positions according to the Department

  • In stores you can find the following types of positions: Sales Advisor, Department Manager, Store Manager, Controller and Visual Merchandising. 
  • In the Product Design and Development Department: Product Managers, Product Developers, Planners, Pattern Makers, Designers, and Business Controllers. These positions would be developed in the central office in Stockholm. 
  • In the Logistics Department: DC Associate, Team Leader, Logistics Manager and Logistics Specialist. 
  • In the Department of Technology, Data and Innovation: Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Product Designers. 

H&M Values

  • They believe in people: they bring out the best in everyone, empower others, and trust them to take initiative and take diverse perspectives. They listen and learn from their peers. 
  • They undertake: they use their creativity and take advantage of any opportunity to adapt to the changing needs of clients and clients. 
  • They make constant improvements: Willing to find a better way and constantly improve seeking opinions to act, learn and adapt quickly. 
  • They act bluntly and are open-minded: they are open and humble, reflect on their behavior and listen to others. 
  • They are cost conscious: they make careful and sustainable decisions, using resources responsibly and doing more with less. They seek simplicity: they seek simplicity because clarity helps to focus on what is important. 


Benefits of working at H&M

  • 25% staff discount. 
  • HIPS (H&M shares). 
  • Extra pay in advance. 
  • Special Christmas discounts. 
  • Flexible compensation. 
  • Anniversary gift. 
  • Day off on your birthday. 
  • Flexible meal time. 
  • Extension of leaves of absence for the care of dependent persons. 
  • Leave of absence due to adoption process. 
  • Gift card of €200 per birth. 
  • Gym passes with AndJoy. 
  • Discount platforms: Advantages Club. 
  • Christmas basket. 
  • Medical insurance after 1 year. 
  • Reduced hours for students.